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– Calls are not working, what can I do?
Make sure that you dial with the +91 code. Sometimes you may need to dial 2-3 times before get connected.
Else, try following steps:
– download the latest version of the Indycall app from the Google Play
– restart your device
– switch internet connection to another internet provider wifi or mobile

I made a purchase, but it is not added to my account.
Please email to your Indycall ID and the Google Order number for your purchase.
Indycall ID is in the Indycall app, three dots menu, Account Settings section.
The Google Order number is in the Google Play confirmation letter, sent to your email address after completing the purchase.


– What is Indycall?
Indycall is the application for making phone calls. Calls are free of charge, and costs are covered by the advertisement you watch, while using the app.

– What are the differences between Indycall and Skype, Viber, WhatsApp?
These apps allow free calls only between app users, both connected to the Internet and logged in during the call. Indycall allows free calls to a phone number.

– Do I need Internet to use Indycall?
Yes, you have to be connected to the Internet to make a call.

– Which operational systems are supported?
Android only

– Is call duration limited?
Yes, it is. When you dial a certain number, you see maximum call duration for this call.

– Is there any limit for a number of calls per user?
No, call quantity is unlimited.

– Can I make international calls?
Mostly, not. Sometimes calls to USA and Canada may work.

– Are there any numbers which cannot be called?
Yes, special service numbers and short numbers are not available.

– Do I have to dial country code?
Yes, you have to dial +91 before local telephone number. 

– How do I register to Indycall?
Registration is not required. Indycall is tied to your device. Starting from Android 10 you need to use your Google account to login.

– Does Indycall hand over my personal data to advertisers?
Some data is used to fit the ads for you. Please check the Privacy policy for the details. 

– Is there a contact book in Indycall?
Indycall uses contact book from the device.

– Can I change the contact book entry in Indycall?
1. Go to your phone’s contact list. 2. Make changes and save them. 3. Get back to Indycall.
Some devices might require restart for changes to take effect.

– What is the Indycall’s coverage?
Indycall works in any place with stable Internet connection and voice over IP calls allowed.

– Is my number displayed when I call someone?
Yes, if you have registered your number with the application. If you haven’t, Indycall’s number will be displayed.

– Can I use Indycall abroad?
Yes, you can, excluding some countries like Saudi Arabia, which limit voice over IP applications. Please check the state policy before using Indycall outside India. 

– Is there paid version of Indycall without advertisement?
Yes, you can buy indyminutes in the app. It will be no adds and call limitations as long as you have at least one indyminute. 

– What is My number service?
The service allows you to register your number, so it will be your caller number when you use Indycall. You can also change your number several times.

– How to place an advertisement in Indycall?
Email us at!